Sample Processing & Analytics Platform

Microbiome sample processing from fecal, saliva, and small intestine. We offer same-day processing of fecal samples in an anaerobic chamber and snap-frozen to maintain microbial viability.


Our vision is to provide standardized and exemplary human sample collection, processing & storage.


Our mission is to be leaders in microbiome sample processing & analytics through providing expertise and service. Our platform offers the latest cutting-edge technologies for advancement of microbiome research to a broad audience of researchers (internal and external), industry and government. The IMC is also developing a global network of collaborations and partnerships to further enable translation of microbiome research.

Key Areas of Research

Our participating biobanks are active in the following areas of research:


Chronic kidney disease

Intestinal diseases

Liver disease

Respiratory conditions


Traumatic brain injury


Network resource for location of samples, along with potential collaborators and partners

Resource center for protocols and training

Access to specialized technology services, protocols and training

  • Ethics for sample collection
  • Sample collection
  • Sample processing
  • Barcoding/labeling and scanning systems
  • Freezerworks sample management system
  • Temporary sample storage
  • Smart-Vue monitoring system for freezer


Shaunna Huston

Shaunna Huston, PhD, Theme Lead, Biobanking Platform, International Microbiome , Director, International Microbiome Centre

Dr. Shaunna Huston is the Programs and Business Director for the International Microbiome Centre (IMC) and major research strategy Infections, Inflammation and Chronic Disease in the changing environment (IICD) at the University of Calgary. Dr. Huston obtained her PhD in immunology at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, specializing in host‐pathogen interactions and microbiology. She has clinical experience as a Registered Trauma Nurse and business expertise as an owner and operator of companies in the energy, agriculture and retail sectors. Dr. Huston has managed the development and implementation of the IMC since its inception in 2014, leading to her current role as lead IMC representative for sourcing, managing and implementing new opportunities for advanced technologies, recruitment and strategic collaborations with government, academics and industry.

Josée Wong,

Josée Wong, MSc, Coordinator, Biobanking, International Microbiome Centre

Josée Wong is the coordinator for the Biobanking Resource Laboratory. She has a Master’s in Neuroscience from McGill University and over 20 years’ experience managing research activities in a wide range of research fields. In recent years, she has been intimately involved in the creation and maintenance of two biobanks. She has also attended a number of workshops on biobanking ethics, governance, and best practices. She is currently taking her skills and experience to offer support to faculty members needing secure and systematic cataloguing of human samples for research.

Select Publications

Sex-hormone-driven innate antibodies protect females and infants against EPEC infection. Nat Immunology. 2018 10:110.

The Biobank for the Molecular Classification of Kidney Disease: Research Translation and Precision Medicine in Nephrology BMC Nephrology 2017, 18:252

Development of metabolic and inflammatory mediator biomarker phenotyping for early diagnosis and triage of pediatric sepsis. Crit Care. 2015 Sep 9;19:320.


Shaunna Huston, ACCN RN, BSc, PhD Immunology

Director, Programs and Business, International Microbiome Centre
Phone: 403-220-6074