Germ Free & Gnotobiotic Platform

A core facility specializing in the development of germ free and gnotobiotic (known microbiome) animal models, with infrastructure and expertise for gnotobiotic research in healthy and diseased models.


Our vision is to harness the power of microbiome models for better living.


Our mission is to be leaders in germ free and gnotobiotic research through providing expertise, resources, and services. Our germ-free facility enables internal and external researchers, as well as industry partners, to perform state-of-the art in vivo microbiome research using experimental conditions with precise microbial status. Our expertise and resources in in vivo gnotobiotics allows for determination of mechanisms by which the microbiome causes chronic disease. The facility is set up with dedicated breeding and experimental rooms for performing germ-free, Level 1, and Level 2 gnotobiotic experiments. The IMC is facilitating the development of a global network of expertise and service to enable collaborations and partnerships that will promote translation of microbiome research. The IMC Germ Free & Gnotobiotic Platform will provide a basis for access to models, expertise, and information for microbiome research.

Key Areas of Research


Mucosal Immunology

Microbiota in Chronic Diseases


Gnotobiotic experimental mice:

  • Researchers and staff will receive training in gnotobiotic in vivo experimentation.
  • A collection of inbred and outbred germ-free mice is available to researchers.
  • Microbial colonizations with individual microbes, defined consortia, SPF, or human microbiotas are possible.

Axenic embryo transfer:

  • We offer germ-free re-derivation of any mouse line through axenic two-cell stage embryo transfer.

Contract research

  • We offer contract research services for internal as well as external customers including industry partners.
  • We offer consulting services for planning germ-free and gnotobiotic experiments as well as consulting for planning and designing a germ-free unit


Dr. Kathy McCoy

Dr. Kathy McCoy, Scientific Director, International Microbiome Centre and Faculty Lead, Germ Free & Gnotobiotic Platform

Dr. Kathy McCoy is a Professor in the Cumming School of Medicine and Scientific Director of the International Microbiome Centre. She is also the Director of the germ-free research facility at the University of Calgary. Dr. McCoy is interested in the dynamic interplay between the gut microbiota and the innate and adaptive immune systems. Using germ-free and gnotobiotic mouse models, her research group aims to understand how exposure to intestinal microbes in early life educates and regulates the developing immune system, and how this impacts susceptibility to immune-mediated diseases such as allergy and autoimmunity.

Select Publications

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Shaunna Huston, ACCN RN, BSc, PhD Immunology

Director, Programs and Business, International Microbiome Centre

Phone: 403-220-6074